From the 1/2 of 1% people.

                 What is a Widget?  What is one half of one percent!  What does that mean? Well one percent of people who say they are going to build a CNC machine finish one. One half of one percent make something (Widget) with the machine and maybe sell it.  How do I arrive at these numbers. Join any CNC group. Count the total members. Then look for pictures of  finished homemade machines. One machine per hundred members is one percent. Some groups don't even make the one percent. Most are Sherline or Taigs with motors added. These don't count!  Here are some pictures (Evil Laugh) of  Widgets made by the 1/2 of 1% people using one of my designs.
  Steve Manzer made this clock out of a hard drive platter. He sent it to me as a gift!   The numbers were engraved using his Pipe Dream. His Website is Here

    Steve Michel made this clock using his SupaBrute and info he found on the internet.

    Anthony Noel makes tube guitar amps. Here he cut out a guitar neck.

  Trent Jordan's Signs he made using his Routezilla.

   Chris Bruce's plaque he made using his Routezilla.

   John Selph's part he made using his Phoenix. Note the Hop and Skip that forms a tab that keeps the part from shifting during cutting.

  Gary Wheeler's custom home in foam.

  Paul Matthew's Wood Craft Designs.

  Dave Cutliff's Widget used on Flight Simulator

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