Build The "Son of 7th " Router

My CNC journey continues...
          Several years ago I started working with the 1" Square Steel Tubing that is found at my local home center. It costs more than Gas Pipe so I wanted to only use it on special designs. The first design became the Jester. The tubing served as the Frame and Rails combination. In my mind this justified the extra cost. While building the Jester I also came up with other designs. During that time I had a dream were I saw the WoodTurtle design. It also used the square tubing for a Frame and Rails. I then put the "Son of 7th" design on hold while I built and documented the WoodTurtle. Then came my quest to produce Perf-Board projects like the Perf-X and the Banshee chopper project.
          One day I was cleaning out my hard drive when I saw the "Sonof7th" directory. When I clicked on it I found two designs. One that was all square tubing and one using MDF and the square tubing. A few months ago I drew up the plans for the machine and offered them to my group. I was hoping someone would build the machine and provide some feedback.

           At this time I have a finished booklet that shows how to build a machine using 1" square steel tubing as linear rails along with Roller Blade Bearings-MDF-PVC and of course Delrin! The Rails are fully supported along their length without any half-ass clips. This booklet is provided strictly for those who want to learn. The machine has not been built.....Yet! UPDATE: See Pics page for first Son of 7th finished.

          Lets talk price!  Twenty-years ago I bought several sets of plans for various projects.  I got two large sheets of paper with hand drawn  pictures.  The cost then was  $30 or more!  Years later it seems plans still hover in the $30 range.  Plans as detailed as mine go for more then  $99.  Following my theme of cheap and simple I want  $36 which includes free shipping and handling to the US and Canada Only! For best results this machine should not be built bigger it has a 19" X 20" cutting area with a 2.5" plus Z axis. That's $36 to the US and Canada!

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