Routezilla II

If it is to be, it is up to me!

               Routezilla II has a 18" X 40" bed with a  12" X 26" X 2" cutting area. The machine was designed to cut out Doll House parts, Lawn Art and other craft parts at a faster rate than my other machines. Routezilla is built using MDF, Gas Pipe, Roller Blade Bearings, Threaded Rod, Aluminum angle, PVC and Delrin. It uses a Porter Cable 7310  5.6 amp laminante trimmer that provides more cutting power than a Dremel MultiPro.  Because there is no aluminum window channel used in the machine, setup and alignment of the machine can be more difficult. This design is for the experenced builders only! Go with the 7th Sojourn or Brute if you are not sure! These plans were BETA because I don't show where the wires go or limit switches. Then several brave people showed me they could do without the extra drawings. Now it is just RouteZilla II

                    Routezilla II Plans are $36 and only sold to the US and Canada! For best results this machine should not be built bigger. It has a 12" X 26" cutting area with a 2" Z axis range.

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