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               01/18/03  Three months to the day, this project is finished! Out of the ashes of the Scrappy project comes a Gantry style hobby CNC machine for RC modelers.  The machine will cut Balsa, Basswood and Pine at 8 to 12 inches per minute using a 1/8" bit.  It will cut 1/4" high quality Plywood (no knots) in one pass at 6" per minute with a 1/8" bit.  Lots of people asked me if my machine could cut 1/4" plywood in one pass.  I finally got the chance to do some test cutting.  The machine has a 9" X 24" usable cutting area.  This machine can be built for around $150 minus the motors, Controller and Software.

               This design has two outstanding features found nowhere else.  The Centering Blocks let you adjust the two main Rails easily. This is a big time saver!  The second feature is the removable Cutting Deck.  Most gantry style machines have the main Rails hidden under the Base of the unit. This makes building and adjusting a gantry style machine very hard for a beginner. With my design all building and adjustments are made with the cutting surface off.   The machine was designed for cutting longer balsa wood parts.  The machine can be used for other things!  In this design I once again bring roller blade bearings, Gass Pipe,MDF, PVC, and aluminum window channel together.  Feedback from people building my 7th Sojourn was so positive I decided to use similar design techniques. Feel free to replace the Gas Pipe with more expensive bar or tubing.

               Look at the photo above! There are people out there who can build this machine by just looking at that picture. For those of you who need more help the plans have 22 pages of drawings.  A drawing for each part with dimensions and subassembly drawings.  There is no Parts List. The plans are step by step. Each page has simple instructions on them. You should buy the parts as you build. Most parts you have to make out of MDF or PVC plastic. I built this machine using simple tools like a Scrollsaw, Drill press and hand tools.

               Lets talk money!  This machine is real special! I could really get greedy, but I won't! Instead I am going to do something special!  The Plans are only $36 which includes free shipping,handling and Perf-X Project to the US and Canada Only! For best results the machine should not be built bigger it has a 9" X 24" cutting area with a 2" plus Z range. Again $36 to US and Canada Only!  

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