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01/17/14 Happy New Year! Well I turn 62 this year! I have my Social Security all setup. I am allowed to make 15K on top of my SS benifits. So I decided to bring back the website....Stay Tuned!

01/17/14 It's 10:30 AM and I have Plans-Pics-Widges and Order back up!

01/17/14 It's 6:30 PM and I got it all working. Tomorrow I will update pages some more

01/19/14 Added some new INFO pages.

01/20/14 Added PayPal Today

01/23/14 Slowly adding Icom R71a Radio Parts section.

01/25/14 I added a History page so you can get an idea of how and when this hobby started. Notice I mention the others!

01/26/14 Hottest selling items now on Icom R71a Page

02/06/14 Added Power and Accuracy text to Info. Just a quick warning for people who might opt to build a Belt driven V wheel design. I have no problem with them. Just make sure it will have the Power and Accuracy you want!

02/23/14 The next step in CNC has arrived! OPT CNC System.

02/23/14 New Info page added.

02/24/14 I spent today moving drawings to a OPT file to form the OPT Booklet

02/25/14 Added a drawing of my Linear Bearings and the dates I came up with them

02/26/14 Made a second set of V-Slides that slide better! Added Picture.

03/04/14 The OPT build/BLOG has been updated every few hours for the last week or so!

03/07/14 Check out OPT under PLANS as the build just keeps going....well if the post office comes through with some more rail.

03/20/14 Added Build Blog to main page. The OPT project is getting near it's end. Did a dry run to fit parts.

03/27/14 Added V-Slides button to main page. I am tooling up to sell V-Slides.

04/02/14 V-Slides are now for sale as a BETA design.

04/10/14 Did some testing and my V-Slides work with Lowe's 1/2" Trim Channel see OPT section for drawing.

05/07/14 The plans for KleinMill 4 are ready. It is the first set of plans using V-Rail and V-Slides.

09/15/14 Added FREE Loopy project. Summer is over....back to work!

10/22/14 Added Strat-Vamp project. It's a design I made last winter!

11/04/14 Added Stagecoach Nightmare from my past!

11/05/14 Added My winter project.

01/18/15 Happy New Year! I added some pictures of my second Winter Project!

01/24/15 I separated my Plans page from my Projects. I also listed the top 4 selling plans.

01/26/15 Added Trampmitter project to projects section.

01/26/15 Added Clock project to projects section.

03/14/15 Added SOB Son of Brute to projects section.

08/12/15 Added How to magnetize C Brandes headphone magnets. The Steely project is still on hold due to crappy materials.

01/22/16 Worked several projects and forgot to update the NEWS! See Build Blog!

01/10/17 Added Arduino Coil Winder....Still at it....Happy New Year!


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