"My Systems and Designs"

The most bang for the buck!

        Above is a drawing of all the Linear Bearings I brought to this hobby and the dates. Notice how they progressed. There were no cheap linear rails or bearings back then! Now the hobby has exploded. I continue to design the most bang for the buck. Remember I design for no play. V-Slide is on the bottom right. I designed it in Feb of 2014.

        Above is a drawing of the Store Front aluminum channel I use on several of my machines. If someone had offered you some for free would you have seen a CNC machine? It is used to hold shopping mall windows in place. Turn it over and picture a rubber gasket in that groove. Can you do it? I got into a shouting match with several idiots who thought I was using window channel for a house. Another guy refered me to a website that used Store Front. There on the first page the guy says he got the idea from me! I was offered some Store Front from Glazers I was hanging out with. I memorized the profile and that night I had an epiphany! The next day the Glazers cut me some pieces from scrap. I spent Thanksgiving day making the first axis out of the store front.

        One of my drive system consists of 1/4-20 threaded rod, auto vacuum line and an end bearing. Now for some tweeking!!! You buy some high quality 1/4-20 threaded rod. You buy that at a machine shop supply house. It comes oiled without plating. $7 for 6 feet. The next thing you needed to do is make an alignement coil. You wind two turns of 22 gauge wire into the threads of the threaded rod. This makes the threaded rod 1/4" so it fits snugly into the bearing. This make the threaded rod spin true! You knew that right? LOL

        Feel free to make your own V-Slides. Just don't pass them off as your idea! Please do not upload my pictures to other websites!

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