Build a better Mousetrap
and people will beat a path top your door!

(A Five Year Summary of CNC)

           The saying is "Build a better mousetrap and people will beat a path to your door!"  This is obviously a statement from someone who has never owned their own business or invented anything.  If you did build a better mousetrap you better be prepared for the unexpected.  Expect a few people to not beleive your design will work.  They will ask you how the trap works and for data about how your trap compares to every trap ever made.  Then there are the people who want you to build it bigger! Others will contact you about the color of the product and how they can improve your marketing methods. Some will call you a mouse killer!  Lets not forget the people who claim they are interested but you need to send them a free mousetrap for testing. They promise in return to tell people how good your trap works.
          As the product sells and you start getting repeat customers a few people will claim the trap does not work. After spending hours with these customers you will find they used the wrong bait, they did not set the trap or they mounted the trap high on the wall for some unknown reason but they claim it makes for easier loading.  The biggest surprise is when you are contacted to come remove the dead mouse from the trap. When you say no they badmouth you and your product for years to come. At some point the competition shows up with a mousetrap that looks and works just like yours. They claim  your idea is nothing new! We all know mousetraps have been around for years!

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