Man with a plan

Four and 1/2  years and over 1,500 plansets sold

          Well, I have made four and 1/2  years in the hobby CNC business! It took alot of work to get to where I am now. Sixteen to eighteen hours a day seven days a week!  The secret to my success is designing machines that can be built for under $200 US. Selling the plans for under $40 is the second secret.

           Showing people how to build correctly using cheap parts is catching on!  Lots of people stood off to the side shaking their heads. Some people are still shaking!  Nobody talked about roller skate bearings (roller blade bearings) until I came along.  Add Delrin to that list too!  I got thousands of Emails from people asking what Delrin is and where they can find it.  Now it has replaced Moglice as a buzzword.

            I stuck to my guns with the cheap threaded rod  as a leadscew.  Only one percent of people who start building a CNC machine finish it!  So why pump lots of money into something you might not finish?  I get lots of feedback from all kinds of builders. Using this info I remove problem areas such as alignment and cost of materials. My machines are the most popular ones being built. The 7th Sojourn has become my biggest seller.

            I get lots of people telling me how I should run my business.  I am an inventor, writer, illustrator and one man show!  The suggestions people give me would only work if I had a staff of three or more people. Thirty dollar plansets in field the size of CNC is the problem. Thirty dollars is the price some businesses charge just to do a transaction.  Keeping the price around $30 causes more plans to be sold, but it causes more work for me.  This is why I ask people to keep their Emails short. If you think building a CNC is hard, you should try this side of the hobby.

             I would like to thank all the people who have bought my plans and built my machines. A special thanks for those people who have sent me pictures!


                                                                                                         John Conrad Kleinbauer

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