The "KleinMill II" Milling Machine

Comes with FREE Bonus Perf-X motor controller project

        The KleinMill II is another one of my personal goals. I coined the phrase Hardware store CNC. Since then I have tried to use more and more materials found at home centers and other retail stores. Bearings can be found at sporting good stores as replacement bearings for Roller Blade type Skates. I was the first to point this out and to use them in designs and plan sets along with Gas Pipe! Roller Blade Bearings bolted to aluminum angle riding on Gas Pipe has become the most popular linear system. This system was first seen in my Pipe Dream Plan Set! Oh how they all laughed back then! Then when it worked they said it was an old idea! A house was being built next to me and they were using MDF decking. I was offered a free sample. I then bought some 2' X 4' MDF boards at my local home center. I used storefront aluminum window channel-MDF-Roller Blade Bearings mounted on aluminum angle-Gas Pipe-Grey PVC-Centering Blocks on several designs which are very easy to build. Some people did not like hunting down the storefront aluminum channel so I made other designs. I went on to build the Hawk machine that uses Drill Rod and the Jester that uses square steel tubing for a Frame/Rail system. That gave me the design idea for the Wood Turtle. Over the years I have kept experimenting with different materials. On several designs I used steel flat stock. Also called Flat Iron or Builder's Material. I used it on the Morph and the Son of 7th as a linear rail. I used it way back for brackets on the Pipe Dream. It took me awhile to come up with the simple Klein Glide assemblies that rides on the Flat Stock. A simple cheap way of making the Flat Stock fully supported also dogged me. I had the Glide design but putting the two together as a unit took lots of time. Now it seems so simple! The original Klein Mill was a machine that was designed to become a production machine for under $100 It was built using "T" slot aluminum for Rails which proved to be very straight-strong and expensive. Riding in the "T" slot were custom cut Delrin blocks. Very quicky the $100 machine was no longer $100 A few other guys also promised machines so I tried to forget the idea and go onto creating a super cheap easy to build 100% hardware store machine.

         I completely re-built the KleinMill machine using 3/4" aluminum angle for Linear Rails. I found out that the aluminum angle is not a perfect 90 but if you mount it with a bracket made from the same angle it compensated for the error. So I cranked out some brackets made from scrap angle and I cut some Rails out of some newer aluminum angle. The machine was almost finished when I spotted a problem with the Rails on one axis. The old batch of aluminum angle had a different error than the new stuff. China on the Label means Shit on the table again! I was then going to re-cut some brackets made out of the new angle. It was at that point I realized the aluminum angle varied several ways along it's length. It was at that point I started experimenting with a piece of Flat Stock. I kept looking over at the failed aluminum angle. Back and forth my mind went! While looking at a picture of the Son of 7th Z axis the light went on and then got brighter. I found a way to make a simple cheap Linear Bearing system from parts found at Home Centers. A little MDF-Some Cutting Board-Flat Stock-a Brass bolt and Bingo a linear system for a 100% Hardware Store CNC Machine. I am building my machine using MDF,PVC,Delrin, and Flat Stock but you will quickly see how this design is very flexable! This booklet also contains a FREE Bonus Perf-X motor controller project The plans are $36 and only sold to the US and Canada!

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