"A Made in U S A Foam Cutting Tool!"


          I started building a foam RC plane. I sold off my X-acto sets in NJ so I could buy food! Now that I have my feet back on the ground I needed to buy a X-acto set. I bought a Vintage set on Ebay. I was sent a modern China made set instead. While I was at Walmart I spotted a X-acto set for $19. Well the blade comes out of the collet even though the nut is still tight. The fake set I got from Ebay also comes loose. All I am doing is cutting some Dollar Tree Foam Board! Both sets are China Crap! It is so easy to bitch and call China tools crap! Lets see if I could do better?


          I saw foam cutters online and I started thinking. I had a design in my head and after 90 minutes of work I had a tool and I was cutting. I cut a 2-1/2" piece of 1"X 1/8" aluminum angle. I held the razor blade against the aluminum and marked the angle cut for the razor to sit on. I filed that until my blade depth was just deeper than the foam. I then marked and tapped a 4-40 hole for a bolt. The hole is tapped so the bolt won't fall out if the nut should come off. I then added a Grey PVC handle. The bolts are flat heads and come up from the bottom into threaded holes in the PVC. The holes in the aluminum for the handle are countersunk.


          As you can see I built my own foam cutter. Built it right here in the U S A ! In this case it was cheaper and faster than buying! Works better than a X-acto for sure. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of the tool. I use a piece of cardboard box under the piece being cut. this tool can be used to cut other materials. It can also be run along a ruler. Have fun!

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