My Firsts


              This section is a reminder for you and me of things I did for the hobby.  So soon we forget who did what!  This might seem like bragging to you!  Just remember I took alot of heat when I first came up with some of these ideas.  For years people would buy cheap threaded rod. They would use it along with a brass or steel nut. They got too much backlash and the rod wore out quickly.  When I started using cheap threaded rod along with a homemade nut made out of Delrin plastic I took all kinds of heat. Now it is a fact that a homemade  Delrin nut along with cheap threaded rod works great on a hobby machine. Then I took heat for saying my machine would mill circuit boards. So I started selling the boards I milled. That shut up the big mouths! Now people are always asking me what I am working on! What a difference a few years makes!

                                                     ( Disclaimer )

             Dave Ragotti of  HobbyCNC was the first person to sell inexpensive steppers and controller kits. I bought my first Nema23 steppers from Dave! He also had the first set of plans for a hobby machine. There were other people way back selling controllers and plans but not in Dave's price range!  Dave was first!

                                                           My Firsts

First person to use 1/4" Grey PVC plastic for parts instead of aluminum. Up until then machines were built using Plexi-Glass, MDF or aluminum.  PVC can be worked as easily as wood. Try some!

First person to use scrap pieces of store front aluminum. I hung at a glass company where I was given some scrap pieces.  Big breakthrough!

First person to sell a  mechanically  milled  blank four axis controller boards with limit switches and relay drivers built in!

First person to show how to use cheap threaded rod with a homemade Delrin nut. Next to no backlash or friction and very cheap to make!  Mention this to people and they will tell you to buy Acme rod and antibacklash nuts.  Wait till you see the price. You will also need larger steppers to drive the antibacklash nuts.  Oh yea! and more expensive controller to drive the motors. LOL

First person to come up with a drive system that can be built using simple hand tools.

First person to use a floating drive nut to prevent binding. This helps the first time builder whose parts might not be straight..

First person to produce a sets of plans to build a  hobby machines for under $200. I still hold this first!

First  person  to produce a set of plans for a  machine that will mill professional looking circuit boards. This still blows peoples minds ! Took the most heat on this idea!

First person to use roller blade bearings alone with gas pipe for slides. Oh! how they laugh at this!  Once you lightly sand gas pipe and paint it with Krylon paint. It's as smooth as glass. While they laugh, people are building the machines.

First person to design and sell a set of plans for a cheap 4th axis device. Boy did this piss a few people off!  Hey! It's for experimenting with, Dude! Not cutting auto parts!

First person to design a cheap stepper motor driven Pant O Graph. I wanted a quick and easy testbed for motor controller people and software writers. A funny machine!

First person to design a machine just for cutting out  toys and model parts.  The Pipe Dream and the 7th Sojourn were the first machine designed to make wood toys and RC models.  Others will claim they were first. The Pipe Dream came out long before they were around.

First person  to use electrical conduit for cheap rails along with roller blade bearings

First person to produce a machine that was almost 100% hardware store parts.(Morph)

First person to tell others you can tap MDF with a 10-24 tap and bolt the parts together instead of screws that might split it.

First person to use auto vacuum line tubing instead of clear tubing for motor to threaded rod coupling.

First person to proudly use the words CHEAP and CNC and mean it!

First person to offer several different CNC designs!

First person to design a cheap easy to make Gantry style CNC machine. Machine is
calibrated with cutting Base removed!  This makes adjusting the machine do able by
a biginner.

First person to use four screw Centering Blocks on the main Rails. This idea was stolen by others!

First person to bring humor to this dry hobby!  I was told this is unprofessional!  Bite Me!

First person to list his firsts.....(Evil Laugh OOOOHAHA)

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