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Make it Cheap and Keep it Simple !

           People ask me all the time.  Can I make the machine bigger?  Can I use bigger motors?  Can I use a router instead of the Dremel tool?  What they fail to see is the beauty of these designs.  By using a Dremel tool we get cheap adjustable speed.  The use of  50 to 60 oz motors keeps the cost way down!  PVC plastic allows you to make the parts with simple tools.  I myself make most of the parts using hand tools.  The use of  storefront aluminum instead of more expensive aluminum channel cuts the cost by a hundred dollars or more!  Using 1/4-20 threaded rod sets the stage for things only a  few can see.  By using  1/4-20 rod the speed of the mill may be slower but it allows us to make our own drive system.  A 1/4-20 tap only costs a few dollars and with it we can make our own drive nuts.  My Floating Nut design lets you build with confidence!  The Floating Nut  allows the alignment between the motor and the end beaing to be out. If we were to use 1/4-12 rod all kinds of backlash would show up.  We would then need to buy or build an anti-backlash nut.  That would make the unit harder to build or drive up cost. The 1/4-20 rod also gives us a better mechanical advantage.  Cheap motors along with a 1/4-20 rod produce over 150 pounds of torq!  I have labored long and hard to develope these SIMPLE yet effective designs.  Some see it while others don't!


                                                                                                                         John Conrad Kleinbauer

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