A Simple Mechanical Organ You can Build!

          How to Build a Simple Mechanical Organ is the only booklet of it's kind in the world! The booklet is a Step-By-Step guide showing how to build a small Monkey style Crank Organ using a set of reed plates from a harmonica. The organ is made out of 1/4" gray PVC plastic. Canvas coated with silicone rubber replaces expensive leather bellows. The organ can be made using materials found almost everywhere. The organ can be build using standard home shop tools. The booklet is 63 pages with over 100 drawings. There is a drawing of each part as well as subassembly drawings. The organ can be built in three weekends for under $100. The booklet is $45 The shipping is FREE! Canada and US only!

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  Exploded view of a Harmonica showing the two Reed Plates.
  Drawing of the Sound Board, with the Reed Plates mounted.
  Line Drawing of the Music Drum, that is made from a piece of PVC pipe.
  A drawing that shows where the pins go on the Music Drum.
  Line drawing of the Harmonicat Crank Organ, Top-Side-Front and Back.
  Hear the Harmonicat play an old song I arranged myself.

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