CNC and Me
You can't argue the facts!

        I did not invent CNC, I made it cheaper!  Before I came along a simple cheap machine was made out of old large dot matrix printers. They had heavy duty frames that could be cut up to form a machine. They were belt driven and did not have the power or accuracy of a machine driven by a leadscrew.(threaded rod)  There was even a design using drawslides and it has many drawbacks.

       Dave at HobbyCNC sold a set of plans for a machine that cost over $300 to build. It requires good woodworking skills. Dave was the first person to bring a serious inexpensive CNC to the hobbiest.

        I shot for designs that were cheaper to make and required less skills by the builder. Using scrap pieces of aluminum window channel took the hobby to a new level. People thank me all the time for my designs. The roller blade bearings riding on gas pipe allowed larger machines to be built for next to nothing.

        My Piker controller can run 4 motors 2 relays and it has 5 inputs for home switches and a input for limit/emergency stop switches. The Piker is a proven simple way to drive cheap stepper motors. Some people are using it for things it was not designed for. The Piker was a gift to the hobby community, I make next to no profit selling the board. I sell the board bare so you can buy the parts yourself and save a second time. The Piker can handle wiring errors better than most boards.

         The 7th Sojourn has become the most built and the most talked about CNC machine on the net. Rather than try to build a metal cutting machine, I catered to the hobbies that use parts made out of wood or plastic. The 7th was built for RC people and within six months it became the machine to build.

        The Inner Circle (Hardware Store CNC) was started by me to reduce my workload. It became a nightmare because I allowed everybody inside. There are people out there who are taking CNC to a new level of cheap!  That is fine by me, but don't expect me to pay your way.  The Inner Circle is now only open to customers. It is more work for me but the quality of the messages has gotten better. Some things you just can't do cheaper!


                                                                                                                      John Conrad Kleinbauer

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