The "Brute II" Milling and PCB Machine

Comes with FREE Bonus Perf-X motor control project.
          The "Brute II" is a simple easy to build machine. The secret is the aluminum window channel which sets the stage for a very accurate machine. The sides of the channel are used for linear rails so alignment is assured. I also built in several adjustment points. This is a well thought out design that has been built by hundreds of people in the last eight years!  (See Pics)  Now I have added the step by step Perf-X controller booklet for the die hard builder. The booklet shows how to build a motor controller circuit on perfboard. Circuit uses L297 and  Tip120s. It is a circuit that uses motor dropping resistors. A perfect first time circuit with less chance of making smoke or fire!

           The Brute has a top speed of 12 inches per minute using 5 or 6 volt stepping motors and the Perf-X circuit. You can raise the voltage of  the motors to 30 volts and along with some large power resistors obtain speeds up to 20 inches per minute!  The reason this mill only does 12 inches per minute is because I suggest using an old computer supply. With 12 volts and some 8ohm resistors the 5 volt motors give you 12" per minute.

          This mill will cut PVC, Plexiglas, Wax and wood  at speed up to 12 inches per minute. With 1/16" milling bits it can also mill Brass and Aluminum but at much lower speeds. The machine can support a 6" by 6" Deck.  The actual milling area is 5-3/4" by 5-3/4".  The Z axis has a 2-1/2" range.  This machine moves just like a large CNC milling machine!  This machime is built using aluminum window channel, PVC, Delrin and other easy to obtain materials. I made most of the parts with simple handtools.  I also used a scrollsaw, drill press, belt sander  to make some of the parts.

          These are step by step plans for both the machine and motor controller! There is a drawing for each part and several sub assembly drawings.  This is not a planset that has only a few engineering drawings and a parts list! There is no parts list for the machine! You build as you go! There is a parts list for the Perf-X circuit .Most of the parts you make out of PVC or Plexi. The people who finished the Brute used surplus materials they found in their area.

          This machine uses Floating Nuts and other features the greatly increase your success of getting a machine that moves without binding. The design also allows adjustments at anytime. It uses a Jibs and Gibs system. There are no bushings or linear bearings to buy. Homemade Delrin blocks ride on the aluminum channel. They can be adjusted for zero play. The machine will cut parts better than .003 if you build and adjust it correctly.

         For best results the machine should not be made bigger. It has a cutting area of  5-3/4" X 5-3/4" with a 2-1/2" Z axis range.  If you would like a copy of my "Brute II" booklet that also includes "The Perf-X motor controller" please send  $36 which includes free shipping and handling. Plans sold to the US and Canada Only!

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