"Remote Control Simulator"


          First I would like to thank all those people who put good info and fixes in their reviews on the Internet for this product! Years ago I built a rudder only glider, transmitter and receiver from scratch. Now at age 63 I wanted to revisit the hobby. After reading all the reviews I downloaded Flight Model Simulator and put the d3drm.ddl in the FMS directory. This ddl is found on the Internet and it allows FMS to work with Windows 7. After installing the ddl the program came right up. I then tested the program using my keyboard for an hour. I then ordered the above product from Amazon. When I got the product and plugged it in, I then selected joystick in the analog section. I did the calibration and I was able to fly the plane. Control of the model was like using an old game controller. It was not very smooth. I installed ClearViewSE (FREE) as a few suggested in online reviews and things were much better. You can see the FLAPS move on the ClearViewSE default plane. I was able to set my controller in MODE II. The (left) Up-Down Lever as throttle the (left) Left-Right Lever as Rudder. (Right) side Up-Down Lever as Elevator and the (right) Right-Left Lever as Ailerons. Looking at the back of the plane: Pulling back on Elevator stick makes the Elevator Flap come up. This makes the model rise. Forward makes it dip. Moving the Aileron stick to the right makes the plane roll right. The Rudder right make the plane go right. Throttle down is low engine. Make sure you setup the SIM the same as your Xmitter. The controller is worth the $20 which is $9+ $10 Shipping. This project is lots of fun! Model shatters on impact when hitting ground or tree!

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