Used Icom R71a Parts

This page has Icom R71a Used Parts pulled from working and non-working radios.

I have the other smaller parts you may have lost or broken.

I also have all the boards that are in an R71a tested and in working order!

Price includes FREE shipping US and CANADA only!

Email Address at bottom of page. I have PayPal but I won't be adding buttons to this page YET!

  FL44A OEM Filter By FOX TANGO $100

  Icom FL32 CW filter by ICOM SOLD

 EX-257 FM board for the 10 meter Ham Band or SCA SOLD!

  Icom UX-14 CI-IV/CI-V Converter PC interface RARE SOLD

  Icom IC-EX310 Voice Synthesizer. The rarest R71a board. With the board
installed hitting the Speech button will cause the radio to tell you the
frequency in a woman's voice. SOLD

Email: John C Kleinbauer or ask a question.

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