Power and Accuracy!

           Over the last few years the amount of machines using cheap China Linear Rails and V Groove bearings has exploded. Belt diven aluminum extruded V bearing master pieces. The move to 3D printing has really gained speed. The Problem? There is none until you need some Power and Accuracy! If you need a precision part cut or you need to cut harder materials your design might not have what you need! You traded off Power and Accuracy for an easy build!

            My designs were made to have the most power and accuracy for the price! They were also designed to have No Play except for that which comes from the Endbearing. All unwanted Play can be adjusted out! Unlike a belt drive system my designs use a Threaded Rod, End Bearing and a block of Delrin. There is almost No Play in my drive systems! I use Roller Blade Bearings on Gas Pipe. Need more accuracy? Take out the Gas Pipe and put in high quality drill rod.The aluminum window channel used in my machines is very accurate. My designs can deliver 100 pounds and more of pressure with just 60oz Stepper Motors.

            Where does Play come from? The frame of the machine Flexes under load. A Rubber Belt Flexes. Vee Wheels are only accurate in one direction!!! You need a Bearing from at least two directions for a tight machine. Poor Design Geometry also amplifies bearing play into machine flex. Using Linear Rails and Bearings that were ment for anything other than a CNC machine! The CHINA made Linear Bearings will be OK for wood routers. Just make sure you use good ones in the Z-Axis. Any play in the Z-Axis will show up at the tip of the cutting tool!

            My Brute design can mill and drill circuit boards. The Phoenix can cut out RC Plane and Boat parts. Balsa,Pine,Plastic and Plywood. A Proven design! Then there is the Jester which can cut aluminum! You need to decide what you want to make with your machine first! Then build the correct machine for the task!

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