The OPT CNC System

           After putting my website back up I went looking around. I saw tons of people re-inventing the wheel. Tons of Crap Trap designs. I did however find MakerSlide and other off shoots of the design. I bought some of the off shoot products. Talk about bad support. I wrote three lines to a guy and he sent me someone elses answer! A second and third email got no results. His product seems good but you get stuck drilling the holes. I then bought some OpenRail. Their support was better. When I told them I was going to use their rail in my next project I got no responce. I guess they don't know me from Adam!

            The OPT CNC System is a DIY system that has more options than other designs. To start with you can cut all the parts with a hacksaw or even in a cheap Harbor Freight $9 miter box (Aluminum Tubing). The Square 1" Steel or Aluminum tubing is carried by Lowes and Home Depot. It is bolted together. You can configure the design in many ways. It is cheaper than other aluminum extrusions and there is no shipping charge. You have the option of Steel Tubing with aluminum or steel rail. The option of Aluminum Channel with Steel or Aluminum Rails. You also have the option of Steel or Aluminum "V" Rail. But WAIT! There is still more! You can use "V" Wheels, Steel or Delrin. You want more? You can use my V-Slides on the Aluminum "V" Rails. These also come in different sizes to take smaller or larger wheels! Endless combinations. We now come to the difference of my design and others. Mine can be belt or leadscrew driven. Leadscrews are more accurate and they need to be centered. Other designs are not ment for larger motors. I say bring them on!!!

            This new system is an update of my WoodTurtle and Jester system. I did not copy someones idea!!! By rethinking my designs I got the idea to add "V" Rails. Then I created the V-Slides! V-Slides are not wheels! They are blocks of Delrin that ride on the "V" Rail. They are tighter than any wheel with a bearing. Cheaper Too!!!


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