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The next step in DIY CNC is here!

OpenBuilds Parts Store  is where I bought the OpenRail used in this OPT CNC system option.

        What is the OPT CNC System? I wanted to create a ststem that had endless OPTIONS Thus "OPT" for options. This system is based on my Woodturtle and Jester frame. What is new? The OPT CNC System can be built with 1" Steel or Aluminum tubing. You can use my Gib and Jib system or you can use my new V-Slide System. Using some OpenRail "V" Rail along with my V-Slides the sky becomes the limit.

The picture shows the OPT Frame with OpenRail Installed

The picture shows the setup needed to make V-Slides.

Test Bed with V-Slides added to verify dimensions.

        Monday 02/24/14 A big thanks to those of you who have Donated! Today I started moving drawing to a OPT file. This drawing will show how to add three kinds of Linear Bearing Systems to the OPT Frame. The orignal Jester Gib and Jib then the KleinMill Delrin Block with adjusters and the V-Slides on OpenRail or other V rails.

        Wednesday 02/26/14 Here is a drawing of all the Linear Bearings I brought to this hobby and the dates. Notice how they progressed. There were no cheap linear rails back then! Now the hobby has exploded. I continue to design the most bang for the buck. Remember I design for no play. Others sell system that flex like a hang glider! Make sure you buy the right system for your needs.

OpenBuilds Parts Store  is where I bought the OpenRail used in this OPT CNC system option.

        I made a new set of V-Slides. This time I had the drill bit mill deeper. I then only had to touch up the slot in the V-Slide a little with a file. Before I cut the blocks from the bar of Delrin I drilled and marked the top of the V-Slides. This made sure the grooves of the blocks were all at the same level when mounted on the bed. The assemble now moves very easily and smooth on the rails.

        Leadscrew, Motor and Drive Block added. Note the leadscrew can float. End Bearing is next to motor.

               The OPT CNC System will feature three kinds of Spindle Motors. The OpenRail V-Rail/V-Slide system will have a Dremel. The Aluminum Flat Stock Rails and Klein Slides will use a RotoZip. The Jester style Rail system with Jibs and Gibs will use a trim router. Two of the systems are proven designs. The new OpenRail with V-Slides is the new Kid on the block. I am the first person to show how to use Delrin V-Block Slides on a V-Rail. The hold up is the drawings You can see the test unit above in the pictures. The OPT system has so many options I am becoming dizzer than normal. Add to that constant snow storms!!!! It takes 30 days of constant work to produce one of my booklets. This one will be the largest. I will leave out the motor circuit because there are some many of them now. This will allow more pages and keep it around $36

               Friday 2/28/14 I am in hardware hunt mode. I have tons of nuts, bolts and washers. All brand new and in bins. I have all of the hardware I need. I even found the large washers that are drilled out to hold the bearing to the mounting plate. Some bolts I have to cut. So today I am getting things ready for the final push. I need to order more OpenRail. I have enough grey PVC. They keep saying the snow is coming. I need to be able to keep working even if I get snowed in! Parts of my Yahoo are not working yet again!

        Friday 02/28/10 2PM I made two more End Bearings. I found two washers already drilled out but no PVC mounting plates. I call this a captive bearing. A roller blade bearing is held in place with a washer and four bolts. If you loosen the bolts you can move the bearing a little right/left and up and down. This allows you to fix a bad alignment problem caused by poorly made parts.

        Saturday 03/01/14 10AM Cut out angle brackets and marked hole locations. In between I am making Pasta Sauce. Got to feed the machine! No Wife! If I don't do it, it don't get done!

        Saturday 03/01/14 12:09 AM Ate the pasta and drilled out the angles. remaing sauce put in containers and into the freezer. A short nap and then onto cleaning up both messes!

        Sunday 03/02/14 4:20 PM I walked to Lowes this morning for some more 1" tubing. It takes me an hour each way. After that I started cutting more tubing. Here is how I laid out the motor holes using a scrap piece of tubing as a spacer.

        Monday 03/03/14 9:21 Yesterday this aluminum tubing was sitting in Lowes. Today it has become the frame for an X axis.

        Tuesday 03/04/14 9:23AM Out comes the $9 Harbor Freight Miter Box. I need 8 more V-Slides so two 5" bars of Delrin are cut.

        Tuesday 03/04/14 9:30AM Hole locations marked on bar of Delrin

        Tuesday 03/04/14 10:23AM Mounting Holes are drilled out. In between each set of holes on first bar X1 is scribed. On second bar X2 is marked. This marks keep the accuracy of the machine for when the V is cut into the Delrin bar.Each bar gets cut into 4 V-Slides. Each V-Slide will have an X1 or X2 between its mounting holes.

        Tuesday 03/04/14 11:53AM Using two C-clamps a piece of aluminum angle and a dtrill bit the bar of Delrin is ready for the first pass to cut the V. The mounting holes with the X1 between them are pointing to the left. Both bars will be put through and cut at this setting! Then the drill bit gets lowered and a deep cut is taken.

        Tuesday 03/04/14 1:29 PM Cooked and ate lunch. Then put bars through setup at two cuting depths. The next step is cutting the bars up into four V-Slides per bar. Then I use a round file to oval the mounting holes. This allows the V-Slide to be moved in and out during the machine adjustment step.

        Tuesday 03/04/14 3:39 As the Delrin dust settles there are eight new V-Slides on the planet!

        Wednesday 03/05/14 12:45PM Thought I disapeared hey? This is the Y bed. It has holes for a Delrin drive nut, four V-Slides and the Y axis. Not a tough part to make once you have the dimentions. I did the drawings and the part at the same time. What makes things tricky is the V Rail. It pushes dimensions into thirty seconds. I normal like to keep things larger. My eyesight is not so good these day. I put a dimple in the PVC and then I can't find it. Sometimes I even laugh at how I am aging. Hey don't get old!!!

        Wednesday 03/05/14 8:08PM Rust never sleeps and neither do I! The Y bed I made this morning was too tight. I had to remake the part. It was only off 1/8" between V-Slides. I could have cheated but I did not want to chance destroying a set of V-Slides. The picture shows the X axis on the Z axis. This is how the X will mount to the Y just like a real milling machine.

        Thursday 03/06/14 8:21AM I only have one piece of OpenRail left. I used that to layout mounting hole locations since it is metric. More rail coming tomorrow. It is cleanup day today. Things have gotten out of hand at the old homestead!

        Friday 03/07/14 9:14AM Rail holes in the X and Y axis are drilled. Tracking shows the rails at my post office. Will they make it onto the delivery truck? I have started my spring cleaning. This project got me way behind!!! Now I am into time share mode. In between working on OPT I am trying to get the house cleaned up. When I moved here 5 years ago I had only a few items. Now I have more crap than anytime in my life!

        Friday 03/07/14 6:29PM The mailman showed up with more rail. I cut the rail and mounted it on the X and Y axis. Now I can take measurements and check my drawings.

        Saturday 03/08/14 8:57PM During a long walk this morning I decided to change my drivenut design. Usually it is a large block of expensive Delrin. Since we have some angle left over why not use that? This also allows more adjustability! The amount of Delrin is about 1/5 as much. Don't forget to move you clocks forward!

        Sunday 03/09/14 3:57PM This is the bottom holder for a Dremel. It is the first time I built this kind of holder. It will have wignuts. For now it has two bolts that tighten it up. There will also be a matching top bracket. For correct operation a Dremel needs to be held near the finger grip and at the body. People who only hold the Dremel by the body don't know what they are doing!!! Check out the Dremel Drill press. The older drill press holds the unit in two places. The newer model uses a different system. So if you see a CNC machine even though it is metal, the guy does not know what he is doing if the Dremel is held by the body instead of the finger grip area and body.

        Wednesday 03/12/14 3:19PM Monday I turned 62!!! I went for a long walk. During that walk I changed the Dremel holder in my head several times. I went and looked over my Hawk plans. It uses holders simular to these. I redid the holders to make them easier to make. During the process I made several mistakes and a big mess! You can see it in the pic!!!

        Thursday 03/13/14 2:05PM Today I made the Z-Bed which holds the Dremel mounts. I think I have all parts done except the Wooden base and the Pipe or Wood frame that holdes the Z-axis. That's it for today! Clean up is long over due! I am taking a Nap in a few minutes!

        Friday 03/14/14 4:00PM I remade a new bed for the Y axis.

Saturday 03/15/14 7:00AM I walked to Lowes. They no longer carry MDF shelving.

Sunday 03/16/14 4:00PM I went over the whole project. Everything is ready except for the wooden base.

Monday 03/17/14 9:00AM I called my local yocal lumber yard. They won't cut small pieces of plywood. If I buy a 4'X 8' they will cut.

        Monday 03/17/14 10:37AM It's funny in a way! The whole project comes to a screaching halt over plywood. When I built the Jester I had to walk three towns away to get some 3/4" plywood. My local hardware store would not sell me any. They are long gone! Now I am out here in Lancaster PA. When I got here there was a wood working shop on every street. I think the snow stopped. Time to bother some Amish guy!!!

        Tuesday 03/18/14 6:19PM I had no luck finding any plywood locally or online. Everybody wanted me to buy a 4 X 8 or 4 X 4 sheet of plywood. So at the crack of dawn I went walking back to Lowes. It was cold but I vowed to come back with a piece of wood. I avoided the help and started looking at each row in the lumber section. Over in the Builders section I found a 2' X 4' x 3/4" piece of plywood. I only needed to have it cut lengthwise and then carry it home. Just as I was picking out panel I spotted better pieces that were only 2'X 2'. I passed on getting it cut at Lowes. I carried that piece of plywood back for over an hour and a half. It was cold out but I was drenched with sweat. As you can see I got it cut up and ready for prep and sanding. The large piece is the Base. The next larger piece is the Z base. The small pieces are feet for the base.

        Wednesday 03/19/14 4:00PM Add feet to Baseboard and paint it and Z-axis board.

Thursday 03/20/14 Drill holes in boards and do a dry run to see if drawings match the real world. The Z-axis is 3/4" too high. Other than that things are almost done.

        Friday 03/21/14 5:00PM Another walk to Lowe's to get a shorter pipe. Pipes were degreased and painted on a windy day. The paint on the pipes keep them tight after they are turned. Z-axis board is mounted and ready for the Z-axis.

        Saturday 03/22/14 3:45PM Lowes's again today to get something for the next build. Z-axis adjusted and mounted today!

        Sunday 03/23/14 5:25PM Y-axis adjusted and mounted to wooden frame.

        Monday 03/25/14 12:29PM OPT-1 ready for motors and limit switches. Now what? When I started this adventure it was to keep my mind active! When I left NJ I sold off my CNC machines and tools. That did not stop me! I moved forward with work on KleinMill. Then I took the website down for several reasons. I put it back up! I wanted a CNC machine so I started redoing the KleinMill. I saw MakerSlide and Open Rail. I then tried to put Open Rail on my Brute. No good! I then found a Z-axis made out of aluminum tubing that was for a Jester. I realized I could put the Open Rails on the Jester. This started the OPT project. I came up with V-Slides made out of Delrin. Then I changed the drivenuts and cut down on parts. Now I want to use the Open Rail to make the simplest/cheapest linear rail system out there! Stay Tuned!

        Monday 03/25/14 5:49PM I did some more R&D using some Open Rail. It is possible to make a high quality MDF CNC machine for $100.00 I got the linear bearing system down to $15 per axis. Which way do I go now?

        Tuesday 03/26/14 5:00PM After some more testing I ordered more materials and tooling in order to make more V-Slides for those people who want to buy them.

        Wednesday 03/26/14 10:00AM One of my test beds with two $5.50 rails mounted. Some Open Rail mounted on square aluminum tubing. So each rail costs $5.50. That includes the square tubing and hardware. Using MDF as the frame a $100 machine is possible. I made a few $100 machines in the past but inflation caused them to cost more. Well it is still possible. The catch is the plans would cost $35. If I made the machine as a kit the shipping would be half the cost of the machine. Putting the plans on a CD or Emailing them does not pay me for the materials I used during the R&D.

        Thursday 03/27/14 9:30AM The math for Open Rail on 3/4" aluminum tubing VS 1" is different. In the picture you will see the Rails are now further apart. The mounting hole locations for 3/4" is wider than 1" aluminum tubing. It is all about the outer edge of the aluminum channel where the Open Rail sits.

        Thursday 03/27/14 12:30PM A V-Slides page has been added off main screen.

        Friday 03/28/14 12:03PM Putting V-Slides on KleinMill is a real trip! The booklet drawings had to be severly modified. That's what I am doing....Pictures! Some website updates and hardware hunting. The Kleinmill Frame has been recycled four times. Some pieces look like Swiss Cheese. There are three goals. OPT Booklet, KleinMill 4 and V-Slides. They are all hooked together by the V-Slide concept.

        Saturday 03/29/14 5:00PM I did a walk to Lowe's this morning. I bumped into someone I know along the way. This delayed my trip and I got rained on coming back. The recycled KleinMill frame has the motor walls stuck on because of paint. So I decided to buy KEPS to help me work around this problem. (Nut and star washer in one) Lowe's bins were picked clean. I had to settle for some star washers only. I ended up gluing the star washers to the nuts to make my own KEPS. This allowed me to mount the Z-Rails and working around that motor wall. I had to go through a pile of 1/4-20 at Lowe's to find two straight pieces. I laid a piece of plastic across the Y rails and placed my right angle on that to set the first Z rail.

        Sunday 03/30/14 9:00AM Today I setup and made 5 feet of V-Slide. It took two passes. I needed to learn how to setup and make V-Slide stock faster.

        Sunday 03/30/14 7:50PM Recycled Z-axis redrilled and fited with V-Slides. Z-axis held up with tubing for picture. It wants to slide down!

        Monday 03/31/14 2:20PM Did a two hour walk. Cut some 1/4-20 threaded rod, two more rail bases and some Delrin V-Slides.
        Wednesday 04/02/14 7:00AM I got an email from the Rail supplier. I failed to see the out of stock message. Hey! Put it next to the order box!
        Wednesday 04/02/14 1:00PM A batch of V-Slides is ready for sale. V-Slides button is on opening page!

        Tuesday 04/08/14 1:00PM I just did a four hour power walk. The weather is almost perfect. I finally got some more Open Rail. All parts are made and drawings are done for KleinMill 4. The Z-axis is calibrated. I am now doing the X-axis. I need to oval some holes in some of the V-Slides. I have been doing work on the website also. Lots of pages had the same title. I am old school, I do my pages in Notepad. In fact I am in Note pad typing this!

        Thursday 04/10/14 7:00PM I did a power walk over to Lowe's. I bought some different aluminum profiles. In the dawing you can see my latest experiment. My V-Slides will ride on Aluminum Trim Channel. I did some tests. This is a super cheap system that can be used for a science project or simple PCBoard machine.

        Saturday 04/19/14 6:00PM I finally got the KleinMill 4 all together. Was it worth it? I don't think so! Why? The Open Rail is just a different type of Rail other than the design I was already using. Both Open Rail and MakerSlide are just cheap copies of other people's product. I figured this out 75% of the way into this adventure. My V-Slides are an orignal idea. Now I have to decide which way to go from here!

               Donators feel free to Email me questions! This project is almost open source. A detailed booket is being worked on. I am sure some people can make this just from the pictures. The aluminum tubing shows up much better than the steel tubing used on the WoodTurtle and Jester. Thanks again!

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