Linear Bearings

           Linear Bearings except for the Frame are the biggest hurdle. My first machine (Brute) uses Gibs and Jibs. This idea came from my Sears Dunlap AA109 Lathe. The Gibs and Jibs were designed to be adjusted as the machine wore over the years. Unlike Bushings that start with some play and only get worse. Bushings bind and in the hands of a beginner can become a nightmare!  My Gib and Jib system is used on the Brute and part of the 7th Sojourn. Simple Delrin blocks running on aluminum window frame. (Store Front used to hold the glass on Mall windows.)  Linear Bearings can also be made using Roller Blade bearings and Gas Pipe. The next level is Roller Blade Bearings on Drill Rod. I don't mean the CRS (Cold Rolled Steel) rod found at home centers. I mean Drill Rod that comes polished and oiled from a machine shop supply house.
           I was first to use a Jib and Gib system on a home made CNC machine.  I was the first to use Roller Blade Bearings on Gas Pipe while also suggesting you could swap out the Gas Pipe for the Drill Rod.  I got the idea for the four bolt centering blocks from the AA109 four jaw chuck. Others robbed it from me!!!!


                                                                                                                         John Conrad Kleinbauer

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