"Reto old Kraft Radio from 53 or 72 MHZ back to 27 Mhz"


          After I retroed a Kraft Single Stick transmitter from 72 MHZ back to 27 MHZ I turned to doing some receivers. The old 72 MHZ and 53 MHZ Kraft equipment is no longer legal to use! But you can convert it and use the equipment on 27 MHZ. Seeing an old Kraft transmitter controlling old servos VIA an old receiver is fun! You could rip the guts out of a Kraft and put in a modern module. Then using a new receiver and servos you are all set. There are some 27 MHZ Krafts still kicking around. I did find one old 27 MHZ Kraft receiver om Ebay. I only needed to change the crystal. After seeing it work I turned my attention to 72 MHZ receivers I have.


          There are several Kraft repair manuals on the Internet. If you look over the information you will find there is info and charts to show what parts need to be changed to go from 72 or 53 MHZ to 27 MHZ. The information covers Series 71 and newer. The radios I retroed have coils that look like soda straws. I used No.27 gauge wire for my coils. I wound them on a form smaller than the coil form. This allowed me to select the 10 and 1/2 turns and set the lead length without going crazy. I then just pushed the coil of wire onto the coil form using a screwing motion. These coils have no base. The bottom fits in the circuit board. I used so silicone to seal the coil after it was soldered into the board. The rest is in the manuals.

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