Build "The 7th Sojourn" Milling Machine

Comes with FREE Bonus Perf-X motor control project.

           A Sojourn is a journey of  the mind and soul.  This is my seventh design, thus I named this machine the 7th Sojourn.  Welcome to the journey!  I see alot of CNC plans springing up all over the Internet..  It's too bad they lack ingenuity!  Silly fools, they buy expensive Leadscrews-Ballnuts-Linear slides-steel tubing and presto, a set of  plans show up.  Lets talk turkey.  Add up the price of their plans plus parts. You can buy a real machine for a little more.  Now why would you build the machine?  Satisfaction?
           Here is my angle. Once again I listened. You asked for a machine that was bigger than the Brute but smaller than the Pipe Dream.  Well heeeeerrrreee it is!  Here is a machine that is built out of Gas Pipes-Store Front aluminum channel-Roller Blade Bearings -MDF and scrap pieces of PVC.  A dumpster diver's dream!  The cost to build the machine should be under $200 for the parts.
          The 7th Sojourn has been designed for craft people and RC modlers.  The machine while not as accurate as the Brute it will cut out larger parts. Rather than use draw slides like other people's machine I have chosen to stay with my gas pipe/rollerblade design.  I am running the machine at 17" per minute.  I am cutting at eight inches per minute.  This is the fastest speed that you should run the Dremel tool.  Others talk wood at 20" with the Dremel.  I don't like the Dremel that fast and that loud!
          The 7th Sojourn overshoots the  9" X 14" cutting area.  The Z axis  has a  3" plus range.  The machine was designed to cut out wooden airplane parts.  Can it do more?  A big YES on that!  The machine if build correctly has an overally accuracy of  1/64".  I built this machine with simple hand tools.  I cut the MDF with a jigsaw.  The PVC parts were made with a Scroll saw and a belt sander. Other designs out there require you to have a machine shop.  The machine can be setup more accurately if you have a dial indicator and some setup skills.
          You may notice the 7th has been reconfigured. I started getting complaints that the pipe flanges being sold in the store are no longer of any quality. China on the label means shit on the table.  So I borrowed the rail design from my Phoenix design.  This also allows you to replace the gas pipe with the more expensive drill rod for even more accuracy!
           Lets talk price!  Twenty-years ago I bought several sets of plans for various projects.  I got two large sheets of paper with hand drawn  pictures.  The cost then was  $30 or more!  Years later it seems plans still hover in the $30 range.  Plans as detailed as mine go for more then  $99.  Following my theme of cheap and simple I want  $36 which includes free shipping and handling to the US and Canada Only and I have also added the Perf-X Project for scratch builder! This plans have become the most popular DIY machine out there followed by my Brute and Phoenix. For best results this machine should not be built bigger it has a 9" X 14" cutting area with a 3" plus Z axis. That's $36 for the booklet and Perf-X project. These plans are only sold to the US and Canada!

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